Keys To Successful Trading: Matching Personality With Trading Style Part I

Because the $85.00 strike represents an approximate 5% discount to the current trading price of the stock (in other words it is out-of-the-money by that percentage), there is also the possibility that the put contract would expire worthless. The current analytical data (including greeks and implied greeks) suggest the current odds of that happening are 63%. Stock Options Channel will track those odds over time to see how they change, publishing a chart of those numbers on our website under the contract detail page for this contract. Should the contract expire worthless, the premium would represent a 7.41% return on the cash commitment, or 11.23% annualized at Stock Options Channel we call this the YieldBoost. Click here to find out the Top YieldBoost Puts of the S&P 500 Below is a chart showing the trailing twelve month trading history for ASML Holding NV, and highlighting in green where the $85.00 strike is located relative to that history: Turning to the calls side of the option chain, the call contract at the $90.00 strike price has a current bid of $7.60.

In a statement, the BIR said Mantext Marketing and Pop Trading and their warehouses in Quiapo and Malabon were shuttered due to failure to file income tax and VAT payments. Their office address is 462 C. Palanca St., Quiapo, Manila. The BIR said Mantext and Pop Trading are owned by Ariel Acusta Amor and Arnold June Layugan respectively. But the BIR said the two companies, which are said to be engaged in the retail and wholesale of speakers, are allegedly owned by an unnamed Chinese national.

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has told the five regulatory agencies involved to get the work done before the end of the year, and they are now eyeing next month to make a final decision on the 1,000 page rule. One senior regulator on Wednesday launched an attack on the latest draft, highlighting the discord that still surroundings the rule after several years and hinting at how left-wing politicians regard the law. “Given what I’ve read, Volcker isn’t worth doing if the language remains as is. I’d oppose it if there were a vote now,” Bart Chilton, a member of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), said in a statement. Chilton is the first regulator to speak publicly about the law.

The banks foreign exchange options desk posted a net loss, the newspaper said. It isnt clear how large the trade was or how long it was in place, according to the report. Michael DuVally , a spokesman for the New York-based bank, declined to comment. The company, which had the steepest drop in trading revenue among Wall Streets largest banks, posted trading losses on 15 days during the third quarter, the most since 2011. The bank posted more than $1 billion in market-making losses on currency products in the third quarter, Reuters reported , citing U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and Federal Reserve filings.

Therefore losses compound quickly and frustration sets in. On the other hand, the swing trading or position trading style may be more suited to analytical traders. Since these trades can last over a span of several days or weeks, analytical traders have much more time to prepare for trade and are reluctant to take the quick profit. The process of reviewing economic reports, news releases, trade balance numbers, and technical like trend direction, support and resistance levels is enjoyable and is suited to the thinking analytical person.


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