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The discrepancy has to show up somewhere in the food chain of investment-product pricing. The way it works in ETFs risks surprise and disappointment in a panic, assuming (as we should) investors dont understand the details. AFP The reason: The ease, convenience and mirror-image index tracking of ETFs dont happen automatically. ETFs depend on a complex ecosystem of authorized participants who tend to the markets health.

Of the ten products added to ETF Deathwatch, six have an international flavor. Of the minority, three are short funds and the fourth an insurance ETF. Two of the international funds added to the list (db X-Trackers MSCI AC AP ex Japan Hedged (DBAP) and db X-Trackers MSCI UK Hedged Equity (DBUK))were designed to provide exposure to foreign market securities without the effects of currency translations. In April, WisdomTree introduced five currency-hedged ETFs aimed at certain sectors of Japans stock market.

The obvious advantage of such a move was that the money could be used to play to the portfolio’s strengths. The downside involved the prospect of more transaction costs and the loss of some breadth of allocation. I have maintained a “waiting list,” of sorts, consisting of ETFs I would consider adding to the portfolio should I need a replacement. It offers a nice 4.49% yield, low expense ratio (0.50%), low risk.

Its bearish counterpart, FAZ, was up 0.20%. Among financial stocks, global financial-services provider Barclays PLC (BCS) has been fined by the Financial Conduct Authority GBP26 million ($43.8 million) for what the British financial regulator described as “failing to adequately manage conflicts of interest between itself and its customers as well as systems and controls failings, in relation to the Gold Fixing.” It also banned a former Barclays trader and fined him for inappropriate conduct, saying on June 28, 2012, former Barclays trader Daniel James Plunkett “exploited the weaknesses in Barclays’ systems and controls to seek to influence that day’s 3:00 p.m. Gold Fixing and thereby profited at a customer’s expense.” The FCA fined him GBP95,600 and banned him “from performing any function in relation to any regulated activity.” Both parties agreed to settle at an early stage, qualifying for a 30% discount to each fine, FCA said. BCS was up 0.43% in pre-market trading. SPDR S&P International Technology Sector ETF (IPK) was also quiet in pre-market trading. Among semiconductor ETFs, SPDR S&P Semiconductor (XSD) and Semiconductor Sector Index Fund (SOXX) were unchanged as well.

Wheat ETF: Leader or Laggard? – Yahoo Finance

Technical Look The ETF has broken its near-term range and its short-term moving average (9-Day EMA) is currently below the long-term average (200-Day EMA), suggesting some more pullback for this ETF. This is further confirmed by a downswing in Parabolic SAR, although this figure should definitely be monitored closely. Moreover, RSI is below 40, suggesting that WEAT is slowly approaching the oversold territory and has room for a strong run-up in its visit their website prices in the coming months. Bottom Line The wheat ETF is lagging the broad agricultural fund ( DBA ) by wide margins from the year-to-date look despite the strong rally in the first four months of the year.

As the sponsor, Merk Investments gets paid in gold and then pays the operating expenses, said Merk. “Because ownership of the shares is a pro-rata ownership of the trust’s gold, we get paid in gold.” Investors who choose to take delivery of physical gold in exchange for their Merk Gold Trust shares can also do it tax-free. ( Read about the processing fees here. ) Do they really want it? Gold ETFs are popular because U.S.


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