The 25 Highest-yielding Dividend Stocks In June

HEARD ON THE STREET: Draghi Sparks Utility Stocks – WSJ

(no American depositary receipts), and must be corporations (no REITs , BDCs , LPs, MLPs , or LLCs). Here are the 25 highest-yielding stocks the screen produced: Rank Ship Finance International (NYSE: SFL ) (NYSE: SFL ) $1,750 Diamond Offshore Drilling (NYSE: DO ) $6,546 Clear Channel Outdoor (NYSE: CCO ) $2,849 Frontier Communications (NASDAQ: FTR ) (NASDAQ: FTR ) $5,823 TAL International Group (NYSE: TAL ) $1,473 R.R. Donnelley & Sons (NASDAQ: RRD ) $3,158 New York Community Bancorp (NYSE: NYCB ) $6,875 Capitol Federal Financial (NASDAQ: CFFN ) (NASDAQ: CFFN ) $1,735 W&T Offshore (NYSE: WTI ) $1,068 Navios Maritime Acquisition (NYSE: NNA ) $538 OneBeacon Insurance Group (NYSE: OB ) $1,457 5.4% Source: S&P Capital IQ as of June 5, 2014. Note: These stocks are a good place to start your research, but they’re not formal recommendations.

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2 bought on the worst possible day each year. Benefits of dollar-cost averaging Here’s the surprise: At the end of 30 years, investor No. 1 had achieved an annualized return of 9.9 percent, while investor No. 2 earned an annualized return of 9.5 percent.

VGR Cash Dividend Payout Ratio (Annual) Chart

Even if you forget about the 30%+ stock return achieved last year and the ~6% return this year, becoming more conservative in (or near) retirement with a larger bond allocation still makes sense. For some of our clients, buying and holding individual bonds until maturity reduces the risky outcome associated with a potential of interest rates spiking. With all of that said, our current stance doesn’t mean stocks don’t offer good value today (see Buy in May). For those readers who have followed our blog for a while, they will understand I have been relatively sanguine about the prospects of equities for some time, even through a host of scary periods. Whether it was my attack of bears Peter Schiff, Nouriel Roubini, or John Mauldin in 2009-2010, or optimistic articles written during the summer crash of 2011 when the S&P 500 index declined -22% (see Stocks Get No Respect or Rubber Band Stretching), our positioning top 10 stocks to buy did not waver.

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ET A guy called Mario helping the Italians isn’t the most startling proposition. But this one, Mr. Draghi who runs the European Central Bank, is also helping the Spanish, though; the Germans, not so much. This concerns utilities in particular.


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